Loglob Cargo

Polish Joinery Congress XIII Edition

Polish Joinery Congress (Kongres Stolarki Polskiej) is the most crucial event in the polish construction joinery industry, which took place on May 24-25, 2023 in Warsaw.

LOGLOB CARGO, taking advantage of the invitation of the strategic partner of the event – FIMTEC POLSKA, had the opportunity to participate in this prestigious event.

During the meeting, many important topics were addressed, especially those related to the transformation of Europe towards the European Green Deal, resulting in thermal modernization, recycling and the development of artificial intelligence. The discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities the transformation brings to the Polish construction sector.

In addition, LOGLOB CARGO had the opportunity to emphasize its support for the industry by presenting services in the area of ​​forwarding and logistics. These key topics were widely discussed on the sidelines, which additionally emphasized the importance of the Congress as a place for exchanging knowledge and establishing business contacts.