Loglob Cargo

Full Service Forwarding

LOGLOB CARGO, an International Forwarding company, cooperates with a wide range of subcontractors from the Transport, Shipping and Logistics (TSL) sector. Our success is based mainly on efficient cooperation with partners – direct service providers, subcontractors, and carriers.

We cooperate with shipowners to ensure the transport of sea cargo, with international ports to organise efficient handling of goods, with customs agencies to coordinate customs clearance and tax settlements, with warehouses to offer warehousing and storage of goods, and with road, rail, and air carriers for cost optimization and flexibility in transportation.

Due to coordination and cooperation with such a diverse group of subcontractors, we can provide our clients with a full, comprehensive range of services – FULL SERVICE FORWARDING.

For this reason, we concentrate on building powerful and long-lasting mutual relationships to achieve success in the transportation market together. We emphasize the role of these entities as the key players in our sector. We try to maintain constant and transparent communication to identify both process optimization as well as other opportunities, and furthermore respond to dynamically changing market needs. Due to mutual support and the exchange of knowledge and experience, we can develop and meet the expectations of our customers. We are proud of our partnerships and know they are the foundation of success.

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