Loglob Cargo

Road forwarding

Road transportation is the lifeblood of modern commerce by connecting cities, countries and continents.

As a crucial pillar of the logistics industry, road forwarding is based on complex systems of planning, coordinating and managing. It means that the service surrounds all issues related to transportation by truck, as well as issues related to handling the documents, customs clearance, insurance, storage or transshipment of goods.

The organization of road transportation includes the selection of the appropriate vehicles, as well as the routes of transport, communication with carriers, risk management and cargo insurance. We offer comprehensive forwarding services for FTL (Full Truckload) / LTL ( Less than Truckload) cargo, container transportation, heavy loads, specialised cargo, oversized cargo and other particular projects.

Regardless of the type, route or deadline, LOGLOB CARGO is here to guarantee reliable and efficient road transportation solutions.

Let us become your partner in the challenges of modern logistics.