Loglob Cargo

WinDoor-tech / Budma 2023

Between January 31 and February 3, 2023, we had the pleasure of participating in the prestigious WinDoor-tech / BUDMA 2023 fair in Poznań, one of the most crucial events in the construction industry in Poland. This year there were over 600 companies from 26 countries, buyers and investors from 4 continents, and nearly 30 conferences, shows, and workshops.

This significant opportunity to participate as a guest exhibitor and be able to assist during talks about transportation solutions for the construction industry was possible due to the invitation by FIMTEC POLSKA, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in the exhibition space of 1250 m2 filled with its impressive machine park.

A chance to use a part of the FIMTEC POLSKA exhibition space to present the LOGLOB CARGO offer at such an event was an excellent opportunity to establish new business contacts, exchange experiences, explore emerging needs, increase brand recognition, and reach a wider audience, as well as attract the attention of other exhibitors and guests at the fair. It was also a great occasion to strengthen relationships with current business partners.

We warmly thank and congratulate FIMTEC POLSKA on such a wonderful celebration – 25 years of activity is a huge success, achieved by people and mutual, long-term relationships based on cooperation, respect, and trust. We wish you further success!