Loglob Cargo

CSR Strategy – Real Fight Night

As a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy, we are actively embracing supporting numerous initiatives related to physical activity and sports.

LOGLOB CARGO sp. z o.o. was the strategic sponsor of Real Fight Night in Pabianice. We were able to contribute to an increasing interest in sports and to support the local community. These events attract not only sports supporters, but also a wide range of audience who want to see entitled players in the ring and enjoy themselves. They contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and encourage physical activity as well.

Supporting boxing fights is not only a way to engage with the sports community, but also an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and motivate people to take up healthy challenges. Supporting athletes is a crucial matter, since it helps them develop and succeed internationally.

During the fight, the competitor tries to avoid strikes and use every opportunity to score points. Similarly, the freight forwarder, during the execution of the order, tries to avoid problems and expenses, and at the same time use every opportunity to optimize the transportation process.

It should be remembered that it is impossible to win the fight without the support of your staff and coaching team, just like the forwarder builds his service based on trusted partners. Cooperation, coordination and commitment are key to success both in the ring and the TSL industry.